Mike Posner: A Real Good Kid

A quiet kind of passion.

Mike Posner, American singer-songwriter, released his third full-length studio album on Jan. 18 “A Real Good Kid.”

The album has different styles throughout, unlike Posner’s previous albums. The three most obvious styles that are featured are R+B, soul, and alternative pop.

This album tells a story, it is not a list of the best songs.. it is a concept.

The opening track is titled “Introduction”. It is Posner telling his listeners that the album is not constructed to be listened to in the background, it is meant for a focused audience and asks his audience to listen all at once. That is something that set the tone for how people digested the album.

From talking about his father’s death in the track named “January 17, 2018” to talking about the loss of Avici in a raw and emotional way in the track “Drip”, The album reveals deep parts of Posner’s life.

One of the songs that stuck out to me was the song called “Staring at The Fire” that is basically about people talking about a social issue or an issue in general and doing nothing but watch it occur.

In the song Posner says “we make ourselves feel busy, but we don’t do much at all. except sit around and stare at the fire”

The album also discusses Posner’s dilemma of being in between being to tired to be famous and too famous to be unknown in the song “Stuck In The Middle.”

Posner showcases his emotions and discomfort throughout this album and touches on the idea that just because someone makes a lot of money does not mean they’re happy in life.

Among the examples mentioned from the album, the overall sound and feeling of the album feel like an immersion into Posner’s life journey and what he has endured through his time in the spotlight up to this point.

the sound and vocals in the record are both raw and reminiscent of a journey. Some tracks sound as if you’d hear it in the background of someone voyaging through the desert.

This album as a whole brings to light the fact that being famous doesn’t mean to be happy, and it certainly doesn’t make life perfect. This is something many people dont bring their attention to.

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